HP – What the hell happened there?

For us webOS developers, it’s been a roller-coaster over the last month or so. You’d have thought that HP would have committed to it’s devices having paid $1.6bn for webOS, but who knows anything in today’s world. Suffice to say, it has been the source of much merriment to my iOS friends. Ah whatever, webOS is still around and is still a fantastic place to start learning mobile dev. I’ve learned a lot, and am continuing to do so. My original Pre is still going strong (just a new battery) and it’s still a great bit of kit.

With the ditching of the new Pre3 (1 month from upgrade time), I decided to jump on the band wagon of desperados looking for the cut price Touchpads. Currys, Comet, Amazon, PC World, Currys again, Comet again, Argos. All no such luck. Time for Plan B – ebay. I managed to pick uo a 16gb model for £185. Do I consider myself lucky? To be honest, yes. I wanted one for dev purposes, not to sell on ebay and double my money. Looking at the long term, it was still half the price of the original retail price and a fantastic piece of kit (in fact, this document has been created using OpenOffice on the Touchpad).

One sideline of this, is the blog name is a bit crap now. Yes, I’m still continuing Palm Pre dev, but I’ll also be moving into the Touchpad dev. It’s the same problem that PreCentral have, so if they’re ok with it, then I’ll be fine.

So, what’s next?

Where to start is a good place? So far, I’ve 3 apps on the App Catalog (4 if you count a lite version as well), and the simplest thing will be to convert one of these.

QuickMessage is a pointless exercise being an SMS App. The first thing I released on the Pre, but it’ll serve no purpose on the Touchpad.

TaskMaster will be ideal. It’s a dynamic task app on the Pre, but being nearly a year in development and also being extremely complicated and inextricably bound to Mojo, it’ll be a nightmare for a first project, Let’s not forget that Mojo is sooooo last year and enyo is the future so this will have to wait. Not only that, there’s quite a few changes to the interface seeing as it will benefit from a bigger display. This will be done, just not yet.

So, that leaves Infection. This is the most recent app I’ve done. Having converted an old game from the Amiga to the Pre and being turn based, this would be an excellent place to start. Everyone loves games, right?

Visit Infection for more about the game.


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