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HP – What the hell happened there?

For us webOS developers, it’s been a roller-coaster over the last month or so. You’d have thought that HP would have committed to it’s devices having paid $1.6bn for webOS, but who knows anything in today’s world. Suffice to say, it has been the … Continue reading

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Deleting Just Type entries from the HP Touchpad

If you’re one of those lucky ones who managed to grab a HP Touchpad before they dried up, you’ll be still trying to get to grips with it. The JustType facility is one such area, where it seems to be … Continue reading

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webOS & a javaScript collection

Wow! It’s been a long time since I posted anything webOS related. In that time I’ve managed to get a couple of apps published – you can check them out here. Quick Message ( TaskMaster ( Anyway, anything of interest? … Continue reading

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Palm Pre – Managing complex objects in the depot

Although the Pre comes with SQLite under the hood, if you just want to save small data items, it seems a bit of a long convoluted drawn out bore to start using the database. To make your life easier, Mojo … Continue reading

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Palm Pre – Changing the swipe delete style

What’s wrong with this list? Personally, I think it looks ok. Using the list is easy enough – tap the bottom to add a new entry, tap an entry to edit it, and swipe to delete. The first 2 are … Continue reading

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